In a rewrite of the modules, I enhance their functionality, bring them to current code style using ES6+ and hand write the documentation files.

    General Documentation

    NodeJS general information about the new modules


    Validator validation with sanitize of simple or complex values (manual)


    Admin Panel administration panel based on REST server and quasar/vue client (manual)

    This older modules are written in CoffeeScript but are already compiled to JavaScript in the NPM download package. So no need to worry if you aren’t familiar with CoffeeScript. All my module name’s has alinex as a namespace prefix and often use some other alinex modules. But that shouldn’t prevent you to use it elsewhere.

    To get more information about the code, style and development guidelines see the General docs.

    General Helpers

    builder a built tool to help while developing

    codedoc a tool to extract documentation out of code

    core application basics (internal only)

    handlebars helper collection for handlebars templates

    report easy report generation using markdown

    ssh ssh port tunneling made easy

    table working with table like data

    util different smaller helpers for string, array and objects

    Base Modules

    database wrapper module supporting mysql and more

    exec async execution control for other processes

    format easy serialization and deserialization of data objects

    fs enhancement of the node filesystem library

    mail easy mail sending

    media media file analyzation and manipulation

    server basic webserver based on express


    dbreport tool to query database and send results as email attachments

    mailman management console based on email

    monitor server application for monitoring IT systems

    scripter environment to make powerful scripts

    worktime command line application for logging work times

    Some more modules are planned or in development but didn’t reach a stable and presentable stage. I will add them as soon as they are ready.

    Third Party NodeJS

    This is used as a quick link to the individual documentation pages helping in fast lookup of often used packages.

    General Tools

    async easy asynchronous calls

    deasync run async functions synchron

    debug life debugging

    carrier stream line reader

    chalk terminal string styling

    mathjs math library with unit support

    Memoizee make a function or method using cache for results

    named-regexp named capture feature for RegExp


    cheerio html parser with easy jQuery like access

    Chrono natural language date parser

    handlebars template engine

    html-pdf convert html to pdf or image using phantomjs

    iconv-lite easy change of encoding

    i18n simple translation module

    json2csv easy converting

    js-yaml YAML parser (to read configurations

    markdown-it convert markdown to html

    moment parse and manipulate dates and times

    xml2js Conversion from simple XML to JavaScript objects

    pdfkit pdf creation toolkit


    chokidar fs-watch wrapper

    Inquirer interactive command line user interface

    Mysql easy to use mysql library

    nodemail sending emails

    request simple http/https requests

    Winston extensible multi-transport async logging library

    yargs parsing option strings from the commandline


    CoffeeScript a language that compiles into JavaScript but is easier to read and write

    chai assertion library that can be paired with mocha

    HeapDump create a heapdump to analyze using Chrome

    mocha simple, flexible test tool

    rewire dependency injection for testing


    pm2 production process manager


    AngularJS client library is added here to be compiled into the client scripts